At UP STREAM SURFING you can also rent your surf equipment - whether for your next surf trip or your next Stand Up Paddle excursion. 

And this is how the neoprene rental works:

  1. Choose your desired equipment below. We have rental wetsuits from O'neil & Rip Curl for you to rent. 
  2. Fill in the fields and choose if you want to pick up the material at our office or if you want us to send it to you. If the rental fee is more than 80€, we will send you the material free of charge (AU, G). 
  3. You bring or send the rental material back to us after your use. 

Prices per day:

Wetsuit 20 € 
Restube (life buoy) 15 €
Neoprene shoes, gloves or hood 10 €
Helmet 5 € 
All Inclusive Package 35 €
consisting of: Wetsuit, Gloves, Shoes, Hood, Restube & Helmet

Rent equipment:

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