Starter Package - Innsbruck

Experience the full surfing experience with the UP STREAM starter package! In our beginner course, you will learn all the important basics of surfing, such as swimming in the river, paddling or practicing on the static rope with the board. To develop your skills further, we also offer an advanced course. Here you can put your skills to the test and take your surfing skills to a new level - with the UP STREAM SURFING system as the perfect support. Get ready for an action-packed time on the water and book your UP STREAM starter package now!

For an extraordinary kick

1x UP STREAM beginner course & 1x day pass for advanced surfers - the perfect combination for learning to surf in the river.

You will receive a print-at-home voucher by e-mail when you make your purchase.


per person and incl. safety equipment (excl. rental equipment)

This is what awaits the participants:

1x UP STREAM course + 1x day ticket for advanced students

UP STREAM course

2 hours of surfing - practicing and preparing on the static (fixed) rope and then surfing upstream with the UP STREAM system.

Day ticket for advanced users

Upstream surfing all day on the UP STREAM system.

Accompaniment by experienced surf coaches.

Ideal if you want to learn to surf or improve your skills.

Of course, you will always be accompanied by two experienced surf coaches who will give you the necessary tips and tricks and take care of your safety. So you can fully concentrate on your training and improve your surf skills. Our program is flexible and adapts to your wishes and abilities.

Larger groups possible on request. 

Days of operation: Saturday & Sunday (all other days on request).

In addition: 

Included in the price: surfboard & safety equipment (helmet & restube).

Rental equipment on site for a total of 10€: Wetsuit, shoes, gloves & hood.

There are drinks, a beach & other opportunities to relax on site.

The UP STREAM starter package can be redeemed in our booking system . You will receive a print-at-home voucher as a PDF. 

Participants must be at least 16 years old and be able to swim.

The Starter Package in detail

UP STREAM beginner course

UP STREAM course

The UP STREAM course includes all the basics you need to surf against the current. Learn how to control your board and make clean turns. You will get a detailed safety briefing and feel your way with a little swim training to the conditions of the river. The UP STREAM system will pull you against the current at your desired speed. 

Advanced day ticket


Here you can put your skills to the test and improve your surfing skills with the professional guidance of our coaches. Use the UP STREAM system for two hours, as often as you like. 


Where you need to go: 

Innsbruck, Kranebitter Allee 199; accessible by bus T, parking facilities in the Hans-Flöckinger Promenade nearby.

Because safety is our top priority: we provide each participant with a Restube system and a helmet. Every surf coach has a first aid course, lifeguard training and training as an UP STREAM surf coach. The UP STREAM SURFING system is constantly maintained, is never left unattended on the bridge and we only operate the UP STREAM SURFING system in safe river conditions. 

What to bring: A bath towel and something to drink. We also offer drinks on site. If you have your own surfing equipment, you are welcome to bring it with you. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you will need a declaration of consent from your parents or legal guardian.

What you should pay attention to: Disclaimer, terms and conditions

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