Surfing for groups

Time to use your free time wisely! The UP STREAM Surf Gaudi is ideal for you and your buddies, if you want to experience a special adventure together in the middle of the river. No matter if you are celebrating a bachelor party, are a school class or a club, want to experience something new with your colleagues from the company, or just want to surf by. It does not matter if you are a beginner, already have some experience or are already surfing professionals. 

What awaits you

for 8 people


A special experience with your buddies & favorite people. Together you can learn the art of river surfing in one exciting afternoon and experience much more - because our Airport Reef is a playground for outdoor activities. Do whatever you're into, whether it's surfing, volleyball, spikeball or bocce. On site, our river bar has delicious drinks to quench your thirst & of course, a cozy BBQ around the campfire is not to be missed! 

Course Schedule:

After a safety briefing, you will learn together as a group how to stand up on the surfboard and also get a first feel for the river. Once you are upright, you will learn how to make turns. Then it's on to the UP STREAM SURFING system, which pulls you against the current according to your individual experience level. 

What awaits your group

Recommended for 8 participants, but larger groups possible on request.

3 hours of surfing on the UP STREAM SURFING system.

It doesn't matter what your experience level is.

Experienced surf coaches will accompany you and show you how to surf against the current.

Surfing equipment is included in the price (surfboard & safety equipment).

On site you can rent the wetsuit, shoes, gloves and a hood for 10€.

Locations: Innsbruck, Zurich, Ingolstadt, St.Johann im Pongau, Pfunds, the city of your choice. 

Prerequisite: You should be able to swim and be at least 16 years old. 

Make the day your fun

Activities on site

People playing spike ball

A wide range of other outdoor activities awaits you on site. Whether volleyball, spike ball, bocce or a cozy get-together around the campfire. 

Also for beginners

Beginners course

The only prerequisites you need to bring are swimming skills. The speed of the UP STREAM SURFING system can be adjusted, and therefore the difficulty.

Experienced surf coaches

Team photo

From Austrian Surfing trained and equipped with the lifeguard, our coaches are also responsible for safety. This is our first priority.

Green surfing

Surfing with sail

Our system does not require any external energy and is driven only by the power of the river. Thus, we do not interfere with the ecology of the river. 

More info

What you should bring: A bath towel and something to drink. We also offer drinks on site. If you have your own surfing equipment, you can of course bring it with you. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you also need a declaration of consent.

What you should pay attention to: Disclaimer, terms and conditions